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Though our hammock stands are recognized to be the world’s most versatile, they’re not our point of pride at here at Yobo. The fact that every one sold helps to build your community? Yeah, that’s what we’re all about.

Yes, it’s versatile, packable, lightweight, really cool and needs no trees or supports to use. Yes, they’re changing how and where you use your hammock, but it is our hope that they actually change the world a little bit. Discover the difference one hammock stand can make - in both your outdoor experiences and your community. Our goal is to empower you to make a difference.


Our Mantra

Extend a little kindness to all you come across. Enjoy this planet’s bounties with gratitude and respect. Work to support and foster your community and the individuals within. It is through these principles of humanity that we hope to grow a business whose goodness permeates through everything we offer and all that we do.

Life isn’t about getting by - it’s about thriving. Thus, YOBO was born.


YOBO Stands

Our Mantra


You Oughta' Be Outdoors.

By reminding people of the need to support others through random acts of kindness, our underlying intent is to provide individuals, families and groups with outdoor gear. Through our creative products, we hope to enhance the outdoor experience of anyone bold enough to open their doors wide and invite both the challenges and beauty of nature into their lives.

As social beings, we are meant to surround ourselves with the love and support of those who share our world with us. At Yobo, we hope to do just that - outdoors.