Help YOBO Help You


The YOBO Difference

Hello, and welcome to the YOBO Hammock Stand blog! For our first post, we wanted to take some time to talk about what YOBO really stands for. While it is true that we make the world’s most versatile hammock stand, that isn’t the main focus of our company. At YOBO, we want to help empower individuals, and in doing so, their communities. Why do we want to do this? Continue reading below for a little more insight.

YOBO is About Helping the Community

Giving is perhaps one of the most important things we, as humans, can do. To give, without the expectation of getting anything in return, is one of the most rewarding things that we can do in this life. At YOBO, we want everyone to experience the joy of giving. We initially had the idea that our backers would purchase a YOBO hammock stand to be given away to someone they know. We had hoped that this small act of kindness would light a spark within the community, and would start a fire of good will amongst those within it. While we still believe in this method, we’ve recently began to wonder if we couldn’t take it a step further.

How Do You Want YOBO to Give Back?

When thinking about the best way to a help a given community, we quickly realized that the people within said communities are best at determining what they truly need. As such, we here at YOBO have decided to listen to you. How can YOBO best help your community? What areas of your community are in desperate need of funding? What act of kindness could have the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people? These questions, and questions like these, are what we want you to consider when purchasing a YOBO hammock stand. We will take any and all suggestions from our backers and work with you to implement the best strategy in giving back to your community.

All Requests Will Be Considered

While we can’t promise to be able to fulfill every request we receive, we can promise to give them all equal consideration. Take some time to consider what your community really needs and send those ideas to us. Once funded, we will begin to work with those communities who have worked with us, and try our best help in any way that we can.

Visit the Contact Us section of our website today and let us know how we can help your community!