YOBO: You Oughta’ Be Outdoors

Being outdoor enthusiasts, we prioritize our time with nature as being a fundamental part of one’s quality of life. Of course, nature alone can’t provide all that we humans seek for self-fulfillment. As social creatures, we all need the compassion and care that other humans provide. Using these concepts as the core of our business, our mission at Yobo is to provide new, exciting and helpful outdoor products to those who would appreciate them, while building the bonds of community.

Our Flagship Product

From the very beginning, our focus was always on spreading the message of human kindness and its effects on a person’s life. We just so happen to make the world’s most versatile hammock stands in order to help us do so.

At just 2.5 pounds, our hammock stands allow you to set up your favorite hammock with ease, and without the need for trees or other support. We designed and manufactured these stands to be highly portable so that you can take them anywhere you please, from campsites to neighborhood parks; from backyard barbecues to outdoor concert festivals. All hammocks and hammock tents on the market today work beautifully and seamlessly with the Yobo hammock stand.

The Impetus Behind Yobo

The true driving force behind our organization is the thought of extending human kindness, wherever and however we can. By donating outdoor gear to members of your community, we believe that this small spark of generosity can generate a fire of kindness that spreads quickly, touching each life that it comes across. This is our mission. This is our calling.

Random acts of kindness can touch and influence an individual in profound ways. It is our desire to make a difference, not just a profit. By directing funds and products back to the communities that support us, we develop a mutually-beneficial cycle that ends up revealing the compassion within every individual.