At Yobo, we believe that being human means being family; that there is something within our species, being social animals, that benefits from the bonds of community. Our positive experience on this planet, as well as our our quality of life, depends on the love, friendship and support that we give and receive from our fellow men and women. We base our company objectives on these needs and strive to extend to others random acts of kindness that have the potential to touch and even change another’s life.

As nature lover’s and outdoor enthusiasts, we find that our best moments have been spent outdoors. It is within the great outdoors that we discover our greatest pleasures, and our true hope is to encourage as many folks as possible to spend their free time relishing in the gifts of our planet. This passion is reflected in the design and distribution of our revolutionary hammock stands. By using our product to create bonds of friendship and unity within our communities, we foster both the love of outdoors and an individual’s responsibility to others.

Find out how our mission works by contacting our community care team now. We believe that, together, we can create something special, something beneficial, something lasting.