As the tool with which we use to promote our message, our hammock stands hold up more than just our customers’ hammocks and hammock tents; they hold all of our principles and aspirations.

Forming the foundation upon which we build our mission, we’ve placed special consideration into every aspect of our revolutionary hammock stands.

As our flagship outdoor gear product offering, our hammock stands were specifically designed for the outdoor enthusiast. That nature-loving soul that finds his/her most relaxing and life-affirming moments to be outdoors, reveling in sunshine and fresh air. Our hammock stand was engineered and manufactured in such a way that it can be used with any hammock, hammock tent or tarp on the market today.

single-setup-resizedUsing the highest-quality materials, from the very best manufacturers, we construct our hammock stands to last for decades. Utilizing environmentally-conscious processes our supports are made of anodized high-strength aluminum, while the cordage and bar tensioners were customized by the leading outdoor equipment supplier in America.

Easily collapsible and lightweight (at just 2.5 pounds), the YOBO hammock stand allows you to take your hammock with you wherever you please. It’s both easy to set up as no additional support is needed and its sleek design is free of moving parts which makes its use and maintenance problem-free. Each stand is backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Find out more about what makes our product a stand-out in a crowded outdoor gear market by calling our customer care team now.