kickstarter-pg-image-resizedSimply because we can’t think of a more fitting, ground-roots beginning for a company such as ours. Kickstarter investors are innovative thinkers who want to support individuals in their quests to create opportunity and support their communities. Because our team at Yobo puts making a difference above making a profit, we just knew that the Kickstarter community would respond in the most amazing ways.

Our intent is to distribute our outdoor gear to those we meet: children, families, random strangers. It is through these unexpected acts of giving that we aspire to spread the message of compassion, care and unity. Believing that we are all interconnected in the most basic, yet profound ways, we recognize that we each have a responsibility in creating positive experiences for those we share our communities with. And to have as much fun doing so as possible.

As outdoor enthusiasts, we recognized a need and worked to fulfill it. Our initial product, the world’s most versatile hammock stand, is meant to allow the use of any hammock, anywhere. We believe that its light weight, easily-portable size and innovative design will make it a sought-after product for any nature lover.

Find out more by reading our Kickstarter campaign or by contacting the Yobo team. We look forward to building a mutually-beneficial relationship with you.

How Does This Work?assembled

With a goal as simple as ours, the concept of combining a love of the outdoors with support for our fellow man should be an easy-to-understand concept. In fact, we’re pretty surprised that there aren’t more organizations seeking to structure their business model in much the same way.

At Yobo, we simply worked to develop an innovative product, in order to create a way to foster support for our fellow human beings, whether they are in need or not. By distributing the hammock stands that are purchased by our contributors in the ways that they prefer, we transform our investors into partners in our quest to display random acts of kindness.

For example: After perusing our Kickstarter campaign, Josh recognizes the altruistic opportunity and is excited to get involved. Contacting our team of like-minded outdoor lovers, Josh ordered a dozen hammock stands to be delivered to his own company. He then had his employees hand those out to whatever random strangers that they met during their daily activities. By doing so, Josh and his crew extended a hand to others in his community in the light of friendship, kindness and charity. Afterward, one of the recipients of Josh’s kind gift found Yobo and placed his own order where he had us distribute them to members of his own community. By supporting Yobo, these two ultimately supported their own communities in a very special and unique way.

It is our belief that, by igniting a spark of generosity and human kindness, a firestorm of support and generosity will spread throughout our neighborhoods and towns, engulfing those affected in the most positive and life-affirming ways.

We understand that many see this as a leap of faith. But it is a leap that we are willing to wholeheartedly make as we believe in the innate goodness of all people. After all, we’re family; we’re here to take care of each other.

Find out more about our mission at Yobo and how we combine our love of the outdoors with our altruistic drive, call us now. We’d be thrilled to hear from you.